Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good bye Tokyo

We left Tokyo this morning.
Damon went to Kyoto and Osaka and I went to Gifu to see my family.

Tokyo National Museum where we did lots of drawings of ancient pottery and Haniwa (terracotta clay figures)

New Aesop store in Ginza - this is the second stand-alone store in Japan after Aoyama.

hungry carps in shrine...

Artist night at Grantchester House, organised by Hiroshi Shimura, Cambridge based artist.
Met lots of great people!

Thank you Tokyo, it's been so much fun. You left us wanting more!
Thank you Kensuke & Maiko Izawa for making us feel so welcome at home.
Thank you for all our new friends, we can't wait to get back and see you soon :)

See you Damon in Seoul.
It's a new place for both of us - exciting!

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