Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Japan prints!

We printed new images this week.
They are based on drawings Damon did in Japan and Kyoko vandalised them as usual.

Damon made a drawing of a stone lantern that fell on the ground in Japanese garden in Tokyo.
It ended up being an island in the ocean where small robo is trapped.

Damon drawing the stone lantern in the garden.

The grove
Damon went to a bamboo walk in Arashiyama, Kyoto.
It is now infested with giant fish!

We're currently working hard to make more Japan prints.

These prints will be included in our exhibition at Japan Foundation in Sydney from Thursday 23 February - Wednesday 21 March 2012.
Asahi beer has agreed to support our show once again.
There will be nice cold Asahi beer at the opening on 23 February!

We are also having an exhibition of our Japan prints at Japan Consulate-General in Melbourne next April for a month.

I'll post more information on these exhibitions soon.

It's looking busy and fun next year!

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