Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Laputa robot evolving

Damon's drawing of a Laputa robot from the rooftop of Ghibli Museum has been evolving.

First version was with sparrows.
We've printed a second version early this week - it's called Mikoshi nyudo.

Mikoshi nyudo is a Yokai.
Yokai is a monste
r, ghost or mysterious natural phenomenon in Japanese folklores.

This is a yokai you'd meet on the street alone at night.
At first glance it's said to look like a Buddhist monk but it keeps growing taller as you look up.
We chose a black head with gleaming eyes instead as this is how Kyoko felt as a child walking alone at night.

Third version is Laputa III.
This is a smaller image than the other two.

Damon's Laputa robot hasn't finished evolving.
We are looking forward to working on a new image when Damon returns from his trip to the US for his exhibitions in Philadelphia and New York in April.
Damon is also having an exhibition at the moment at Joshua McClelland Print Room in Melbourne.

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