Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby bear

I am very pleased to show our new print, Baby bear.
This is our first attempt to do a two colour etching collaboratively.

This is etching and aquatint from two copper plates - one is black colour with all line works and gray tone and the other is reddish brown colour with tone and bit of line works.

Even though we do lots of two plate etching in our own practice, it was our first time to do this collaboratively.
We did spend long time trying to get the correct registration.
Having to register lots of small bears on the ground did not help at all!

This is a basic account of how we printed this bear.
1. the reddish brown plate is placed on a registration sheet and goes through the press.
2. the plate is removed but not the paper, Never move the paper. If the paper moves even a little bit, that's the end, registration is never going to be the same.
3. black plate is placed in precisely the same spot where the previous plate was. It must register with the previous image on the paper. This needs lots of tweaking.
4. run through the press second time and hope everything is alright.

Damon's baby bear and Kyoko's girl in the background

Bear ark

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