Monday, April 15, 2013

Japan and China trip

We travelled past two weeks in Japan as part of Japan Foundation's Facetnate! program, a program to support emerging artists.
We had a show in February 2012 and now we are finally taking this great opportunity to travel to do a research with their support.

One of the reasons why we wanted to to go to Japan in April is because of cherry blossoms.

Damon had never seen it in Japan as he was in Japan last time in summer.
Kyoko hadn't seen it for 11 years since she relocated to Australia.

Japan has such distinctive four seasons and each season has been inspiring lots of artists, writers and poets etc. Cherry blossom in spring especially holds a significant symbolic meaning for Japanese people as well. This is precisely what we wanted to experience.
There is no way we both could have travelled in this season without the support of Japan Foundation Sydney.

We actually left Japan on Sunday 14th and now we are in Beijing, China.
We are travelling back to Melbourne via Beijing so we decided to have a look at the enormous city.
It's only been a bit more than a day so far but we've been gobsmacked by its architecture and just simply the scale of the city.

Hopefully we can share some drawings and photos of Beijing soon!

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