Monday, June 3, 2013

Along the river in Mildura

We've been preparing a body of work for our artist in residence program that starts on 25 June at Art Vault in Mildura.

We are producing a suite of 14 colour etchings and an accompanying zine with the assistance of Arts Victoria. 

The images are based on drawings by Damon of the riverside architecture of Kyoto, Japan created with Kyoko's drawings to intervene with them.

One of the copper plates - wombat family - ready to etch.
These drawings were done while we were in Japan in April with the support of Japan Foundation

We'll also have an exhibition straight after the residency too from 17 July to 5 August.

All initial drawings are done and we are now in the process of drawing them on copperplates so they can be turned etchings.

One of the copperplates - Snapper festival - ready to etch

If you are going to be in Mildura during the time we're there, please pop in and say hi!

One of the plates - Lepus - ready to etch

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