Saturday, June 22, 2013

First proof

In less than two days we are leaving Melbourne for The Art Vault residency.

We pulled first state proofs for the Along the River project the other day.

Light bulb
All images for this project will be printed using two copper plates.
First plate is the 'key' plate with most information and second plate provides additional colours and information.

These proofs are images from the first key plates.
Although a single plate etching can show variation tones and for some of our images in my opinion look good as they are now with one plate, there is nothing like the colours and tones that can be created with two plate etching.

We have prepared the second plate for each image, so all we need to do now is to print them together at The Art Vault in Muldura next week.

Please keep an eye out for more updates as I'll be posting more proofs later.
These are only 6 out of our 14 prints!

Rachel deity
wombat family
Falling rabbits

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