Saturday, July 6, 2013

Progress - Day 11

9 proofs - 5 more prints to go
We have continued to print for our exhibition Along the River opening on Wednesday 17 July.
So far we made 9 editions, 5 more to go.

We are having the best printmaking time at the Art Vault, meeting lots of daily visitors, enjoying working with the director Julie Chambers and staff members, Robert, Tracy, Mia, Andrew and Julian.
Thank you so much Art Vault!

new edition

Near where Murray and Darling rivers meet, Wentworth, NSW
We caught up with Anne Spudvilas who moved to Wentworth last year.
Wentworth is a small but important town about 35km from Mildura where two of the Australia's greatest rivers meet. She took us around the town and an antique fair where I bought an old typewriter!!!!

Lagoon, Wentworth, NSW

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