Thursday, June 27, 2013

Arriving in Mildura

After almost 8 hours on train and bus, we finally arrived in the Art Vault in Mildura two days ago.

It is such a lovely place with great people, facility and much better weather than gray Melbourne.
It can be cold in the morning and at night, but otherwise it's a perfect blue sky with no clouds.
Everything we need is conveniently located all within walking distance.
There are lots of op shops around the town if we feel like shopping for nice cups and plates too.
Along the main street, there are many gum trees with huge trunk too that had been unfortunately chopped but still growing strong.
I got the feeling that people in Mildura really love their city.

It was so nice to meet our friend Anne Spudvilas who moved to Mildura from Melbourne, and also works at the Art Vault.

Since the arrival we've completed two editions - 12 more editions to go!

Damon working in the studio
Falling rabbits
Our exhibition of this suite of works we are printing right now will be from 17 July at the Art Vault.
There will also be a zine of this suit of etchings available at the exhibition.


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